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Steel typology - Sheet thickness - Surface finish

You can choose for your projects 7 different types of steel is 5 different sheet thicknesses . A surface finish is associated with the chosen thickness.

Thickness table

1 1,5 2 3 4 5
Steel AISI 304 V V V V V V
Steel AISI 316 V V V V V V
S235JR – Fe360 B V V V V V V
ALUMINUM – 5754H111 V V V

* The indication of the finishing side, external or internal is optional (recommended option). In case of lack of choice, the finishing side is assigned by our technicians.

** Surfaces are identical on both sides

Niuo Example of sheet metal finish

Surface finish 2B (Laminating)

It is the most common finish for most types of steels. It is obtained starting from the 2D finish (cold rolled, heat treated, pickled steel) with a light final lamination using very shiny rollers.

This finish ensures good corrosion resistance, a smooth and flat surface that allows for optimal cleaning. Visually it has a bright silvery gray appearance.

Surface finish Scotch Brite (Abrasion)

The Scotch Brite finish is obtained through a brushing surface treatment that involves the use of non-woven synthetic fiber materials (nylon) impregnated with abrasive granules of aluminum oxide and silicon carbide.

The surface obtained by this process is more stainless, uniform, shiny and smooth to the touch.

The images of the textures are purely indicative

Niuo Sheet Metal Scotch Bride Finish

Scotch Brite finish

Niuo Finish b2

B2 finish

Maximum sheet size

Each single piece can be produced if contained within a sheet development with a maximum surface area of 1000 x 1000 mm

Niuo Maximum sheet dimensions Niuo Maximum sheet dimensions

Guide to making folds and holes

In the project, check if the piece meets the following requirements:

Size table

Thickness (mm) Minimal crease (mm) Minimum internal angle (°) Minimum internal radius (mm) Ø Minimum holes (mm)
1 7,5 35 1 1
1,5 7,5 35 1,5 1
2 9,5 35 2 2
3 12,5 35 3 2
4 19 35 4 3
5 22 35 5 4

Production tolerances

Technical specifications table

Thickness (mm) Bend tolerance (mm +/-) Cut tolerance (mm +/-)
1 0,5 0,5
1,5 0,6 0,5
2 0,7 0,5
3 1,00 0,5
4 1,5 0,5
5 1,6 0,5
What files can I insert?

You can put files in STEP format of individual parts.

In the case of several parts, you can insert a single ZIP format file of all the individual parts (.STEP) of your project.

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