Agile and intuitive, for dreams at your fingertips.

Niuo changes the perspective and simplifies prototyping. Now you can create your objects and give shape to your ideas in a short time.

Niuo is the platform that changes the way things are done, that simplifies the prototyping processes, making them accessible in a short time. The technologies used for 3D printing and sheet metal bending are the soul of Niuo born
for you who want to move on to the next question for TO EVOLVE .


For you who are in the middle of an idea or you put that idea in the drawer.


For you who are looking for a different way to do things and you don’t know that exists .


For you who need advice or who feel held back by the fear of doing mistakes .


For you who live on skeins to unravel e you have no time to waste .


For you who need one professional voice and you are looking for something that optimize the process.

Those who evolve, change, improve themselves and their company.
Who evolves grows and innovates.
Who evolves has the possibility of wonder because he found the solution , the way of optimize the production process e create value .
Who evolves has discovered the partner that allow him to to experiment one step at a time in complete autonomy .


Niuo by Blue Series Srl

With a production of over 35,000,000 parts / year it is
leader in printing in thermoforming!

Start with your model.

Turn your projects into solutions for to grow up , to evolve is innovate yourself.
With Niuo you test your ideas and improve your know-how online thanks to the estimator . The estimator is the tool that allows you to know exactly the cost of 3D printing and sheet metal bending.


There Multi Jet Fusion print is the revolutionary 3D printing technology, with mechanical properties perfect to replace CNC or injection molding machining.



In Niuo you will find a selection of materials for both processes: 3D printing materials and for sheet metal bending . Niuo is constantly looking for thermoplastics, specialty filaments and other 3D printer solutions.



A short guide with simple rules to get the result you want. If in doubt consult it, however set up your project to perfection with STL, OBJ and others format.


Contact the Niuo Customer Care experts to find different solutions together and receive support.

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Respect of the times

Once the order is confirmed, Niuo ensures delivery on time and undertakes to ensure that the deadlines are respected.


Thanks to the precision and accuracy of the machining it will be possible to produce repeatable pieces based on the required quantities.

Ready to get started?

Upload the file of your project to know the costs and time required for implementation.

Everything can be different. The impossible becomes possible.
The possible becomes simpler.

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