Multi Jet Fusion 5210 technology

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What is MJF 3D printing and how it works

HP Multi Jet Fusion (MJF) technology is one powder bed fusion 3D printing technology which allows the production of accurate and functional prototypes and final parts, also composed of complex geometries not achievable with traditional production processes.

What makes this technology superior to others is its own repeatability in a short time and in low costs .

HP proprietary technology works with the Voxels (Volumetric Picture Element), which is none other than the three-dimensional counterpart of the two-dimensional pixel thus managing to obtain finished parts with extreme dimensional accuracy .

The print HP 3D Multi Jet Fusion 5210 is a revolutionary process of Additive Manufacturing which consists in the melting of powder by means of a heat source.


HP’s deep knowledge of 2D printing solutions and HP’s proprietary architecture capabilities make it millions of drops per second can be printed , along every inch of the bed’s width, thus allowing an extreme precision and dimensional accuracy .


HP 3D MJF 5210 technology has the following principle of operation :

  1. The HP MJF 3D printing process begins with a thin layer of polymer powder particles ;
  2. The deposited dust comes preheated and brought to a temperature of about 165 ° C ;
  3. One roller scrolling on the Y axis distributes evenly the dust all over the countertop, going to create 80 µm layers (called layer );
  4. On the axis X a trolley consisting of 3 print heads and two fusion modules with a single step releases the two agents ;
  5. This process involves two different types of agents:
    Melting agent ;
    Detail agent ;
  6. L’ fusing agent comes applied where the dust particles are meant to fuse together leaving the rest of the powder unaltered so as to create a support structure with the remaining non-melted powder which encapsulates the part;
  7. Instead, the detail agent is applied to the edges of the part to modify the casting process and create fine details and smooth surfaces;
  8. While the fusing and detailing agents are deposited from the heads, i two lamp modules bring the temperature of the section of the part with the newly deposited agents to one temperature between 182 ° C -186 ° C . The reaction that generates heat with agents and dust , allows you to form a complete layer at each passage of the carriage on the X axis
  9. The process then comes repeated until it forms a fully functional part.








Printer 3D HP MJF 5210

Niuo Multi Jet Fusion 5210 technology

There HP 5210 MJF printer is currently the best Multi Jet Fusion technology on the market . It is equipped with an external printing object (called build unit), in which the material is deposited. The dimensions of a build are 380x284x380 mm.

This printer with the use of the PA12 material , allows us to carry out three different print modes , keeping the mechanical properties unchanged is dimensional .

They vary among them, the duration of the process printing and details in the final quality of the parts . We will also see in the table below, that in Fast mode, unlike the other two, the printer will generate 110 µ layers, reducing the time of the printing process.


Le 3 modalità di stampa della MJF 5210

Profili di stampa PA12 Caratteristiche principali Micron per layer
Fast Ottimizzazione della velocità in fase di stampa mantenendo ottima precisione dimensionale 110 µ
Balanced Bilanciamento ottimale tra precisione dimensionale, accuratezza nei dettagli, qualità estetica e tattile 80 µ
Advanced Eccellente performance tattile e visiva, ottima precisione dimensionale e accuratezza nei dettagli 80 µ

Ideal applications

Niuo Personal protection - Guardian

Custom protections

Niuo Eyewear


Niuo Dental applications

Dental applications

Niuo Mechanical parts

Mechanical parts

5 reasons to choose MJF 5210 3D printing


Low costs

By optimizing the number of parts and the printing time, you will be able to obtain really low costs.



High dimensional accuracy and accuracy in details.


Excellent mechanical performance

MJF printed materials have and maintain optimal mechanical characteristics.


Rapid prototyping

The best prototyping technique currently on the market, it is fast, it allows you to print in any sector.


Material qualities

The characteristics of the thermoplastic materials molded in MJF 5210 guarantee stability over time.

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A new way of designing

By working with Niuo you will get better parts, quickly and at affordable prices.

Plastic materials

Niuo has a large and up-to-date selection of the best and most used European materials to guarantee you a wide choice.



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