Post-processing and Finishes

The post-processing of the parts printed with HP MJF 5210 technology takes place in 2 steps:

  • Shot peening (carried out on all parts produced with MJF);
  • Pigmentation (Optional);
Niuo finishing machinery

Shot peening

Niuo Example shot peening


Shot peening is carried out on all parts , whether they are subsequently dyed or not, for remove excess dust and to achieve a excellent Touch and Feel effect to parts produced with HP Multi Jet Fusion 5210 technology.


Sandblasting Shot blasting GIRBAU DY130 - Before / after

The process pigmentation is carried out using the best technology on the market, specially designed and made by GIRBAU , for parts printed with HP Multi Jet Fusion technology.

The Black GTC 8211C pigmentation is able to give the parts immersed in the dyeing bath the uniformity of the color, with consequent aesthetic improvement while maintaining the mechanical and dimensional properties.

Black GTC 8211C pigmentation is available



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With Niuo you can test your ideas in a short time and improve your know-how, online . The estimator is the tool that allows you to know exactly the price of 3D printing and sheet metal bending services.

Plastic materials

In Niuo you will find a selection of materialsfor both processes: materials for 3D printing and for sheet metal bending. Niuo is constantly looking for thermoplastics, specialty filaments and other 3D printer solutions.



A short guide with simple rules to get the result you want. If you have doubts consult it, to set up your project to perfection with STL, OBJ and others format.


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Thanks to the precision and accuracy of the machining it will be possible to produce repeatable pieces based on the required quantities.

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