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Multi Jet Fusion 5210 technology

HP Multi Jet Fusion 3D (MJF) technology enables Powder Bed Fusion 3D Printing.

Plastic materials

HP Multi Jet Fusion 5210 technology provides a range of polyamide-based thermoplastics. You can choose whether to print in PA 12 or in other types of filaments such as PP (polypropylene).

Turn your projects into solutions

With Niuo you can test your ideas instantly and improve your know-how, online. The quote estimator is the tool that allows you to know exactly the price of 3D printing and sheet metal bending services.

JP MJF 5210

HP MultiJet Fusion

Powder bed fusion 3D printing technology.

Girbau DY 130

Girbau DY 130

Excellent Touch and Feel effect to parts produced with HP MJF technology.

Gadget Stampa 3d

Made in Italy 3D prints

Guaranteed high standards and 100% “Made in Italy” process.

Made in Italy 3D printing

Discover a new way of designing online: agile and intuitive, and above all “Made in Italy”

A world of designers, filled with formulas and equations, where every detail is perfectly calculated through elaborated softwares and great experience in the field. Niuo opens the way to rapid and intuitive prototyping, to make the complex work behind 3D printing smart.

HP 5200 Multi Jet Fusion

Find out the online price now and test your ideas

Before starting the mass production, you can quote your prototype via the online estimator. You have the possibility to change the variables, to see in real time the price changes of the 3D printing service.
Before starting, remember that you can upload your projects in two types of formats: STL and STP / STEP.

Niuo - Materiale Nylon PA12

New trends in printable materials

The advantages of PA12

Although currently in the 3D printing market there are large companies operating in the automotive or aeronautics sectors, which challenge production with a wide range of materials for 3D printing, to date PA 12 is the lightest thermoplastic technopolymer. It is highly widespread and used thanks to its organoleptic properties and its fields of application, PA 12 has the lowest water absorption and high resistance to impact and chemical agents.

The characteristics of PA12

Naylon PA 12 - The data reported come from tests carried out within the HP.

HP 3D HR PA 12  Axis (XY) Axis Z Test method
Tensile strength (Mpa) ⁱᵛ 50 50 ASTM D638
Tensile strength (Mpa) ⁱᵛ 1900 1900 ASTM D638
Elongation at yield (%) 10 8 ASTM D638
Elongation at break (%) 17 9 ASTM D638
Impact resistance (kJ/m) 4.2 3.8 ASTM D256
Density (g/cm³) 1.01 1.01 ASTM D792
ⁱ. Based on internal testing and measured using HP Half_Commercial_Datasheet_Job work. The results can be from other works and geometries;
ⁱⁱ. Using HP3D HR PA12 material, 20% update ratio, balanced print profile, natural cooling, and measured aer bead-blasting with glass beads at 5-6 bar;
ⁱⁱⁱ. Following all HP recommended printer setup and adjustment processes and printheads aligned using a semi-automatic procedure;
ⁱᵛ. The typical variation in tensile strength (95% of parts) falls within the 45-55Mpa range, while the tensile modulus values ​​remain in the 1650-2200Mpa range;
ᵛ. Using the Izod A test method with notched specimen @ 3.2 mm according to the ASTM D256 standard;
ⁱ. The strength and elongation criteria are reported by the ASTM (American society for testing and materials)

Finishes of the PA 12

The GIRBAU allows a uniform and regular post processing of 3D printed parts. The DY 130 dyes and rinses automatically using a perfect mix of water temperature, water levels, dye and rotation action. With the Black GTC 8211C finish each piece is visibly improved aesthetically, and emphasizes even more all the mechanical and functional properties of your projects.

Nesting: the printing method that optimizes time and costs

A technology able to reduce costs drastically.

3D printing can involve the use of large resources in terms of time and costs. However, the latest printing technologies, thanks to the “Nesting” mode, use print builders capable of matching the area available to the builder and the overall area of the pieces to be finalized. For this reason, the more pieces you can “organize” inside the build itself, the less the cost of the outputs.

HP 5200 Multi Jet Fusion

Respect of times

Once the order is confirmed, Niuo ensures delivery on time and is committed to ensuring that the deadlines are met.


Thanks to the precision and accuracy of the processing, it will be possible to produce repeatable pieces based on the required quantities.

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Transform your projects into solutions to grow, evolve and innovate yourself. With Niuo you can test your ideas in a short time and improve your know-how, online. The estimator is the tool that allows you to know exactly the price of 3D printing and sheet metal bending services.


Multi Jet Fusion 5210 printing is the revolutionary 3 printing technology, with mechanical properties perfect to replace CNC or injection molding works.


Plastic materials for 3D printing

In Niuo you will find a selection of materials for 3D printing processes. Niuo is constantly looking for 3D printer solutions.

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A collection of Niuo works to make visible the potential of the products and the quality of the results obtained. Printing on propylene, bending of stainless steel sheets and much more!


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